Yikes! Weasel

What was the strangest tenant call I ever got? Well, it happened late one night when I was out of town taking a well deserved break.

One of my favorite tenants Joyce called me in a panic. Apparently a ferret, yes a ferret chased her into her bungalow. I did what any self respecting landlady would do while taking the day off? I told Joyce to call my husband on his cell. Ha! My husband called me within minutes. “You gave me the weasel call?” he said sternly. “Yes”, “but I think it is a ferret”. I replied. “What do you want me to do?” he asked. “Go over there and catch it of course!” was my answer, “but bring gloves!”

An hour later he reported that it was too dark and likely the weasel was under the house. The next day I hired a humane animal trapper that I’d used before. For $100 he caught the ferret in a humane trap. My tenant, Joyce thought it looked so much smaller in broad daylight that we questioned whether there was a family of them. Yikes! Invasion of the ferrets! But no, the truth is a ferret looks much bigger in the middle of the night when it is chasing you. Understandably.

The ferret turned out to belong to one of the neighbors behind us. “Skywalker”, that is his real name, was returned in perfect health. His owners begrudgingly repaid me for the humane trapper and promised that Skywalker would stay indoors from now on.

That was one for the record books.


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